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Magician, Speaker, and Creative catalyst, Butzi's greatest skill is to awaken the creative genius in you. With his masterful help in this book, in no time you will unleash and express fabulous creativity you didn't know was in you.  

Sonia Choquette -New York Times best selling author of The Answer is Simple-

Butzi is a very talented magician and an exceptional speaker. He really knows how to teach his "Crazytivity" to a diverse audience with passion and persuasion.  

Audrey Mermillon - President of the TEDX La Défense


Butzi is a magician, actor and professional Keynote speaker working with companies and entrepreneurs on creativity and fearlessness. Author of Creativity for Magicians, a collection of original illusions and tips for his colleagues, he now focuses on helping broad audiences aspire to achieve their goals.

He’s performed at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, CA, has made appearances on French television, and has taught creative workshops around the world. Butzi has gathered years of experience mastering magicians’ tricks and trades to show anyone they can also create and achieve the impossible.